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Navy SEAL Chris Daviani lost his arm in action. Project VIPER gave him a bionic one. Now he’s stronger, deadlier, and much too dangerous to even think about the shy genius who turned him into the military’s first super soldier.

He should focus on keeping her alive while she uncovers a dangerous threat to VIPER’s existence, not on drawing out the sultry woman she's buried deep inside.

The flaw in his strategy? Underneath the science that’s made him a human weapon, he’s still a hot-blooded man.

He thinks he's too dangerous to love.

She thinks the only thing desirable about her is her brain.

The men in Dr. Scarlett Kerrigan’s life have never valued more than her brilliant mind. The dark, intense SEAL is no exception. He needs her to save VIPER - and his career - but his scorching gaze makes her burn for the type of chemistry she didn’t learn in boarding school. 

Problem is, her education didn’t cover how to guard her heart against a man who thinks his past has sentenced him to a life alone.

The solution? Even her brilliant mind can’t figure that out. 

Upcoming Releases

Project VIPER Series

Join the thrilling battle for hearts and justice as the nation's first generation of super soldiers face their most dangerous mission to date - falling in love.

Too Lethal to Love
Project VIPER Series Book 2
Fall of 2024

Blood Snow Series

When murders turn the snow red in a Colorado ski town, only one thing can save the hearts mangled by a deadly terrorist - love. 

Knife to the Heart
Blood Snow Series Book One
February 2024

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