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Author Kristie Wolf




Kristie Wolf, a rising star in the world of romantic suspense, weaves tales about fearless heroes and badass heroines who fight for justice and love while burning up the pages. 


Kristie's passion for writing romance ignited during her teenage years when she told her mom she was going to write a novel someday. That goal became a reality with the release of Too Dangerous to Love, the first installment in her Project VIPER Series. Stay tuned for more from Kristie with the releases of Knife to the Heart, the first book in her Blood Snow Series, and Too Lethal to Love, the second Project VIPER tale.

Kristie resides in Maryland with her husband - aka her tech support - and her two teenagers. By day, she navigates the complexities of government technology. In the afternoons and evenings, she writes from the sidelines, the bleachers, the car, or wherever her kid's sports and activities take her. When she's not behind her laptop she can be found:

- Walking her Vizsla and Pittie-mix rescue while listening to, yup, you guessed it, romance novels.

 - Watching cheerleading videos on her phone because she misses being a coach.

- Learning everything she can about Elvis Presley because she's going to write a romance novel based on him someday.

 - Making space in her closet for another pair of cowboy boots she doesn't need but desperately has to have.

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