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Welcome to the official Media Kit page for Kristie Wolf, author of the captivating Romantic Suspense novels!


We're thrilled to provide you with a comprehensive resource to discover all the essential information about Kristie's authorship, books, and the exciting world she's crafted. Whether you're a journalist, blogger, podcaster, or simply curious about her work, this media kit is designed to make your journey as seamless as possible. Explore Kristie's author bio, high-resolution images, book covers, reviews, and more, and feel free to reach out with any inquiries or requests.


Thank you for your interest in Kristie Wolf's stories, and she looks forward to connecting with you!"


Short Bio

Kristie Wolf, a promising debut author of sizzling romantic suspense, crafts tales that set hearts on fire. With "Too Dangerous to Love" as her thrilling first release, she beckons readers into a world where love and danger collide, promising electrifying twists at every turn.

Long Bio

Kristie Wolf, a rising star in the world of romantic suspense, weaves tales that ignite hearts and thrill readers. Her passion for writing ignited during her teenage years, and now, in October 2023, she's turning her lifelong dream into reality with the launch of "Too Dangerous to Love," the first electrifying installment in the Project VIPER Series—a world where thrilling suspense meets scorching romance, featuring heroes as fierce as their love for the heroines. Keep your heart racing as you anticipate the arrival of "Too Lethal to Love," the eagerly awaited second book in the Project VIPER Series, scheduled for release in Fall 2024. Then, in February 2024, brace yourself for a plunge into the bone-chilling suspense of the "Blood Snow Series" with "Knife to the Heart," the inaugural chapter in this gripping saga that promises to send shivers down your spine. By day, Kristie navigates the complexities of government technology marketing, drawing inspiration from tech's spectacular failures for her gripping plots. Her stories feature fearless heroes and strong heroines who conquer all obstacles. Embark on Kristie's journey into the world of romantic suspense, where love and danger intertwine in every page-turning adventure.

Quick Bio

Kristie Wolf, a rising debut author of sizzling romantic suspense, delivers tales that set hearts ablaze with electrifying twists in her first release, "Too Dangerous to Love."

Experience the Thrill of Heat-Packing Romance: Dive into Kristie Wolf's Electrifying World!


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